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Nouvelle fabrication - Analysé. Avec Effets thérapeutiques, prouvé par analyse bioénérgétique  Régénère, hydrate et nourrit


  1. Cream of Amethyte, Better, stronger, 100% of benefit for all the skins problems.  To find more of our naturels products take à look at our second site web:
  2. Amethyste cream. Analysed with therapeutics effects, a selection of naturals products creats a single cream, regenerates, Moisturizes, nourishes for all kinds of skin. Face and body care. It is a hand made product, fabricated in France since 2010. Inovation and healthy beauty cream, with therapeutics effects, To face, hands and body care, this cream treats all the skin problems, for nutrition, hydration and renovation of your skin. Even more powerful new production! 

Olive Oil from Provence transformed into amethyste oil made en France. Amethyst oil, bee wax, emulsifying coconut wax.100% naturel, without alcool; fabricate in France. Hand made.
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Utilisation: Desinfectez la part du corps ou vaus avez besoin de soin et plus distribuez une quantité de creme, comme si vous faisiez une couche, couvrez bien la peau, ou vouz voulez soigner. Repetez à chaque fois que vous lavez la peau, pour l'acné, repetez le plus suivant possible, les boutons rouges disapareitrônt.
     New information about the cream of amethyst:

    Rub the cream of amethyst in the hands of the energy carried in several organs. I managed to bring more than 10 customers,  this week ,  with  this cream of amethyst , rubbing on their face, forehead lobes, around the neck, thyroid, eyes and ears, if rubbed on the heart level, it harmonizes the heart immediately.
    The authentic Creme of amethyste.  The Treasures of Brazil
A true alchemy! The perfect combination of olive oil, enriched with Amethyst, pink quartz and Rhodocrosite bees wax.

A selection of natural products that give birth to a single cream! Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes. Acting as a true natural shield, it protects your skin from free radicals and pollution. Treats all skin problems! Tested and APPROVED by us and our customers. Body and face care
Bioenergetics Analysis Charts. Information. These graphs show that the amethyst cream - Treasures of Brazil have therapeutic effects. The following observations:  Line (green) where all organs must vibrate in energy, red line: the individual taking of one  person aged 50 years old, in good health
• Graphical first - Initial analysis - how the person arrived.
To begin, I treat the most emptied organs or farther fron the green band. The red lines show that the person is loosing energy  (when the red lines are higher than the harmony of line - green) to the frontal brain, the temporal lobes, occipital, front, pituitary, thyroid, heart, lack of Energy cerebellum, brain, lung, esophagus.

Note that
First step: Rub amethyst lap cream forehead, face, neck, heart (eyes and ears can also recover their energies with this cream).
• two seconds after the graphic:  immediate action after rub the  amethyst cream.

Notes: hyperactivity organs have regained their harmonies after 3 minutes.
• 3rd Graphic: The action of the cream is not all, the minerals are in your body and it  continues to harmonize others organs. The true well being is when all or must of all yours organes are harmonized
• Note that: the amethyst cream - Treasures of Brazil - to successfully harmonize the forehead, occipital and temporal lobes, thyroid that is also stabilised esophagus and the lungs.

Our products brings healing energy, just after a few minutes , some organe are in the harmony line. Customers are happy. The harmony is happiness, well-being.
Falcon glass - 30ml - 36 months validity. For the care of the face and corps.Crème day or night cream, the more you moisturize the skin, the more you will see the benefits, the first dice immediate use. . Excellent moisturizing and healing, anti-aging (anti wrinkle) visibly reduces wrinkles (immediatly after skin absorption), you may notice the difference from the first use. Red buttons visibly reduced after two days.
For acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, fire shaving, insect bites, stretch marks, reduces scars and skin spots, vitiligo. For all skin problems.
 The minerals will keep your skin every time firmer, younger and beautiful. Protection against free radicals, resistant to pollution. For all skin types and skin problems - Universal - 100% guaranteed.
Nouveles pictures imediats effects!
Already one year tested and increasingly confirmation beneficial properties for the skin.
    Bioenergetics de la creme of amethyst Treasures of Brazil:
    This week I happened to align more than three clients with cream of amethyst. Rubbing cream on the forehead, face and thyroid, these organs more energy and after we find other bodies find harmony.

Amethyst cream is a wonderful cream, for the skin, it has therapeutic effects, to heal all skin problems, it is necessary to disinfect the skin, with water oxygen, on all parts of the body where you have psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc., then, cover the skin with cream, several clients are cured, they do not have any more, sometimes serious skin problems.

Is not immediate healing (I mean, is not a one time) we must continue, but the energetic effects are immediate and rubbing in the palms of the hands, the amethyst cream can eliminate our conscious and unconscious all nervous causes or not, anxieties, etc., because it harmonises our energetic body and organs.